The MN LGBTQ+ Therapists’ Network (The Network) was established in 1988 as a grass-roots group of LGBTQIAPGE2S+ mental health professionals who wanted a way to safely network, support and educate each other and the community about issues related to LGBTQIAPGE2S+ mental health and wellness.

As far as we know, we are the first such professional organization for LGBTQIAPG2S+ mental health providers in the United States.

The MN LGBTQ+ Therapists' Network (The Network) has 150+ paid members who are working or studying in the fields of mental health, social services, behavioral health, professional coaching, wellness and healing practices, and related fields. We offer a public online resource directory of our members and their services. We also have an active Facebook site which has almost 2000 members. The majority of our members are located in the five county Twin Cities metro area. The Network is coordinated by a volunteer steering committee of its members.

The goals of The Network are to:

  1. Provide our members opportunities for professional and social support
  2. Exchange and offer resources and referrals
  3. Provide LGBTQIAPG2S+ mental health continuing education
  4. Affirm our LGBTQIAPG2S+ communities.

As a diverse community of LGBTQ+ and allied helping professionals, we are committed to honoring the complex intersections of gender and sexuality with race, age, ability, size, spirituality, education, country of origin, immigration status, family composition, and class.

We deem it critical to provide education and mental health services that move beyond just the "acknowledgement of differences and cultural competence."

We aim to advance a context of helper cultural humility that recognizes privilege and oppression trauma and actively works towards just, respectful, accessible and expansive mental health and wellness opportunities and services for all humans.


Lesbian = Lesbian Identities

Gay = Gay Identities

Bisexual = Bisexual Identities

Transgender and Trans Identities

Queer Identities and Questioning


Asexual Identities

Pansexual Identities;

Pan/Polygender Identities; Poly Relationship Systems

Gender Expansive Identities

2S = Two-Spirit: Indigenous Gender Identities



+ Inclusive of other identities, ever-expanding, learning and growing

Modified from the Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC) 2019, A Division of the American Counseling Association

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with member questions or to post an item on our FB page or in our e-newsletter.

Before you contact us, PLEASE NOTE:

  • Our organization offers our Find a Provider directory to the general public. You do not need to contact us directly, or become a member, to use the directory.
  • MN LGBTQ+ Therapists’ Network is not a counseling center.
  • MN LGBTQ+ Therapists’ Network does not have a building or office.
  • We are largely a volunteer organization.
  • MN LGBTQ+ Therapists’ Network does not make therapeutic recommendations nor single out members for referrals. In those cases, please use our directory to find a match for your particular needs.

Keep in mind emails and electronic communications cannot be guaranteed to be secure and are not HIPAA-compliant.

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