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FREE ANTI-RACISM TRAININGS for White Helping Professionals - Up to 20 CEUs

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20-hour intensive anti-racism training for LGBTQ+ white helping professionals:

  • Increase our racial literacy.
  • Understand our whiteness.
  • Challenge our white-body privilege, entitlement, and fragility.
  • Examine the colonization of the mental health and social work fields. Decolonize your work.
  • Develop our anti-racist and decolonizing perspectives into a realistic professional and personal allyship plan
Friday, March 12 noon to 5p, Saturday, March 13, 9-5p, Sunday, March 14, 10-530p - 2021 CST For White LGBTQPIA+ Helping Professionals: Facing Our Whiteness, Unlearning Racism, and Decolonizing Mental Health

Similar trainings were held in January 2021, October and November, 2020. More trainings to be scheduled in 2021.

Fee: Free. Donations accepted. | Contact Irene at irene@irenegreene.com if you have any questions.

The trainings are offered by Irene Greene | Greene Growth and Training | www.irenegreene.com

Any profits will be donated to MN Indian Women's Resource Center, 2300 15th Avenue South, Mpls, MN 55404

Depending on your board, up to 20 CEUs (including Ethics CEUs) are possible. The training is open to anyone who lives anywhere. The trainings are on Zoom.


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