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The American Psychological Association (APA) apologizes for systemic racism  (10.21)

"...'For the first time, APA and American psychology are systematically and intentionally examining, acknowledging and charting a path forward to address their roles in perpetuating racism,' said APA President Jennifer F. Kelly, PhD. 'These resolutions are just the first steps in a long process of reconciliation and healing. This important work will set the path for us to make real change and guide the association and psychology moving forward.'

In offering the apology for the harms committed, 'APA acknowledges that recognition and apology only ring true when accompanied by action; by not only bringing awareness of the past into the present but in acting to ensure reconciliation, repair, and renewal,' the resolution states. 'We stand committed to purposeful intervention, and to ensuring that APA, the field of psychology, and individual psychologists are leaders in benefiting society and improving lives.'"


Historical chronology: Examining psychology’s contributions to the belief in racial hierarchy and perpetuation of inequality for people of color in U.S. - APA (10.21):

"...In sum, our historical review of psychology’s harms to people of color indicates that psychologists have, in both the past and present:

  • Established and participated in scientific models and approaches rooted in scientific racism;
  • Created, sustained, and promulgated ideas of human hierarchy through the construction, study, and interpretation of racial difference;
  • Promoted the idea that racial difference is biologically based and fixed;
  • Used psychological science and practice to support segregated and subpar education for people of color;
  • Created and promoted widespread use of psychological tests and instruments that discriminated against people of color;
  • Failed to take concerted action in response to calls for an end to testing and psychometric racism;
  • Supported the widespread use of educational assessments and interventions that were lucrative for the field of psychology, but harmed people of color;
  • Provided ideological support for and failed to speak out against the colonial framework of the boarding and day school systems for First Peoples of the Americas;
  • Created, sustained, and promoted a view of people of color as deficient or damaged;
  • Applied psychological science and practice to oppose “race-mixing” and to support segregation, sterilization, and anti-marriage laws, using the ideas of early 20th century eugenics;
  • Failed to represent the approaches, practices, voices, and concerns of people of color within the field of psychology and within society;
  • Failed to respond or responded too slowly in the face of clear social harms to people of color..."

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Thursday, September 29, 2016 6:49 AM • Robert Reis II
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Lesbian = Lesbian Identities

Gay = Gay Identities

Bisexual = Bisexual Identities

Transgender and Trans Identities

Queer Identities and Questioning


Asexual Identities

Pansexual Identities;

Pan/Polygender Identities; Poly Relationship Systems

Gender Expansive Identities

2S = Two-Spirit: Indigenous Gender Identities



+ Inclusive of other identities,

ever-expanding, learning and growing


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Association for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender

Issues in Counseling (ALGBTIC) 2019

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