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Questions To Ask...Questions To Ask...

  • Are you licensed? How many years have you been practicing?
  • I have been feeling (anxious, tense, depressed, etc.). What kind of experience do you have in this area?
  • What are your areas of expertise for example, working with children, families, the LGBTQIP2SA community?
  • What kind of treatments do you use, and have they been proven effective for dealing with my kind of problems?
  • What are your fees? (Fees are usually based on a 45- or 50-minute session.) Do you have a sliding scale fee policy?
  • What types of insurance do you accept? Will you bill my insurance company directly? Many insurance companies provide coverage for mental health services. Check with your insurance company to see if these services are covered and for limitations which apply, and how you may obtain these benefits.
  • Is the therapist in your preferred provider network?
  • How is payment to be made (weekly, monthly, etc.)?
  • Does the therapist have experience treating people with problems similar to yours?
  • How often should you meet with the therapist?
  • How long are the sessions?
  • How available will he or she be to you during emergencies at odd hours or during weekends?
  • Does the therapist treat other LGBTQIP2SA clients?
  • What are the therapist's views about whether being LGBTQIP2SA is a problem?
  • If the therapist is not a psychiatrist, is the therapist affiliated with one in case there is a need for medication or hospitalization?
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