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MN LGBT Therapists Network News
March 2012

20+ years of LGBT-friendly mental health networking
vol. V, Issue 3

17th Midwest Family Equality Conference 

Saturday, April 28, 2012
Burroughs Community School
1601 West 50th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55419

The Midwest Family Equality Conference is the premier community building and learning event for parents who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) and their children, as well as prospective parents, family members and friends, educators and community members.

FFI: Melanie Rexroad, Midwest Regional Manager 612.823.2000 email   

LGBT Therapists Network Members & Family Equality Conference:
Publicize your services! Staff the conference table!

The LGBT Therapists Network will host a table at the Midwest Family Equality Conference Resource Fair. If you would like to staff the table or share your services, please contact Irene Greene 612.874.6442

  • We need volunteers! Help staff our resource table Saturday, April 28: Network. Meet fun people.
  • Publicize FREE your psychotherapy practice, services, groups, workshops, etc. by sending your business cards, flyers, brochures to: Irene Greene, Suite 203 100, West Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404
  • The LGBT Therapists Network will have an ad for our website in the Conference Program.

LGBT Therapists Steering Committee Meeting

Friday, March 16, 201212:15 PM - 1:30 PM
Office of Mindy Benowitz
100 West Franklin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN  55404 map

All members welcome! 
RSVP encouraged but not essential.

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Bisexuals endure worst mental health problems and suffer from equality gap, report finds

A new report looking at bisexual inclusion and equality issues has found that of all the larger sexual identity groups, bisexual people have the worst mental health problems including higher rates of depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide. This has been found in the UK and internationally, and is linked to experiences of biphobia and bisexual invisibility.

The report, led by Dr Meg Barker, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at The Open University, found that bisexual people experience biphobia, distinct from homophobia. Attitudes towards bisexual people were found to be more negative than those towards other minority groups, with them often being stereotyped as promiscuous, incapable of monogamy, a threat to relationships and spreaders of disease.

Dr Barker said, “Government policy and equalities agendas generally consider lesbian, gay and bisexual issues together. However bisexual people often face prejudice from within lesbian and gay groups as well as heterosexual communities. They are invisible – not represented in mainstream media, policy, legislation or within lesbian and gay communities. Government and communities need to single out bisexual people as a separate group in order to address this equality gap.”
full report

Office Space

Downtown Minneapolis Office for Sublet
Beautiful downtown office suite is available for sublet on South 6th Street and Hennepin Avenue. This spacious office was designed around the needs of a psychotherapy practice. It includes separate entrance and exit doors, waiting room, kitchenette, chaise for clients, leather reclining Stressless chair for the therapist, sound proof walls and doors, contemporary furnishings, art, twenty four hour security in the building, and plenty of natural light from the two large windows. It is easily accessible via skyway, next to ample parking (i.e. valet, open air lots, meters, and ramps), 5th Street light rail station, and bus. For more information, please contact Marnette R. Doyle at612-819-5171 or marnetterenedoyle@gmail.com.


Q-Quest Youth Fest 2012 open for registration
Friday March 23, 2012, noon  - 9pm
Webster School Complex, 425 5th St NE Minneapolis
A Conference 
Exploring and Celebrating the Voices of Minnesota LGBTQ and Allied Youth
links to registration and flyer


**Please see our website for a full listing of groups.**

Two “Coming Out” Groups:
Women Coming Out Later in Life & General Coming Out Group
Support groups for women who are “coming out” as bisexual or lesbian or as a woman attracted to women.  
The groups will meet for 12 consecutive weeks and for 75 minutes/session. Start in mid-April, 2012. Thursdays, 615-730pm. Fridays, 830-945am(or call to be put on the next waiting list)

Call for more information and to schedule a personal Intake Session. Group is $40 per each group session. Sliding fee scale available. Free phone consult.   Group developed & facilitated by: Irene Greene, M.S.Ed. Psychotherapist, 30 years experience.  
100 West Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55404          www.irenegreene.com

TYSN/MTHC Unicorn Support Group
Now every Tuesday 5-7pm The Exchange. We're teaming up to create this group for trans and gender non-conforming youth! (youth is not defined by age. If you identify as a youth, join us)

Trans Support Group
Every Wednesday 6-7:30pm. For all gender variant people no matter where you are in your transition. topics include: hormones, surgery, name change, hep c, and weekly check ins. For all gender variant folks no matter where you are in your transition. And now Nurse Katie Ireland will be doing Shot Clinic/Syringe Exchange 5-6pm every Wednesday!

3405 Chicago Ave Mpls, MN 55407 email    Facebook

Kink, Fetish, and Leather Group
Supportive therapy group for people who practice or fantasize about BDSM, other kinks, fetishes, and the leather lifestyle. Mixed gender, all sexual orientations. Ongoing group, minimum commitment 10 weeks.

New group being formed ... inquiries and referrals welcome! Day and Time to be announced (late afternoon, evening, or weekend ... taking into account the needs of the initial group members) $25 per session, direct pay Location: 2324 University Avenue West, Suite 100 Saint Paul, Minnesota 55114 Please contact: David Shannon, LICSW

{non-BOP} Married Men's Group
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm every month on the fourth Wednesday.
Location: Confidential - call 612-348-9100 for prescreening and location Phone: 612-348-9100
Notes: For over 10 years the HIM Program of the Red Door Clinic has offered this group for men married to women and attracted to men. This program is an opportunity for married men to meet and discuss their issues in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere. Confidentiality is of the utmost importance. The goals of the program include alleviating isolation and fear, building peer support and sexual health information.

The location is confidential and a prescreening phone call is required prior to attending someone's first meeting. www.himprogram.org


AMAZE Comedy Night,  4-21-12 Brave New Workshop! buy tickets
Come laugh with us and top local comedians for an evening of amazing punch lines to raise funds that will help us turn classrooms into positive places for kids of all kinds.

Central Minnesota Prom Alternative
An LGBT friendly prom in the St. Cloud area on April 28, 2012. Help us spread the word about the event to teens in the state who are 16 to 19 years old!
or download flyer

Bi Cities
Dear Friends of Bi Cities, Thanks to you, we at Bi Cities are celebrating our tenth year of providing consistently high quality interviews that educate the public about GLBT issues.

Our ten-year anniversary coincides with the anti-gay initiative to amend Minnesota's constitution by defining marriage as being between one man and one woman. We at Bi Cities are pleased to partner with the Minnesota Psychological Association (MPA) to educate Minnesotans about the injustices and psychological harm that this amendment will create for our communities. MPA has followed in the steps of the American Psychological Association (APA) to oppose anti-gay initiatives and support marriage equality for GLBT citizens. To this end, MPA has established a Marriage Equality Task Force.

Bi Cities is working with the MPA Marriage Equality Task Force to produce an educational documentary which we hope to broadcast in communities throughout Minnesota, co-sponsor an event on April 20, 2012 for the GLBTA community on developing resilience in the face of the marriage amendment debate, and promote educational events that will feature internationally recognized psychologists who have worked with APA to support GLBT human rights, including marriage equality.

Bi Cities will be on location at MPA's annual convention April 20-21, 2012 which will prominently feature psychology's contributions to marriage equality. We will interview psychologists whose research was cited in judicial decisions in California and Iowa that established GLBT marriage equality. Those interviews will air in the Twin Cities and will be available on the worldwide web.

We are asking for your financial help in supporting the efforts of Bi Cities and the MPA Marriage Equality Task Force which is chaired by Dr. Marge Charmoli. Bi Cities and MPA are not able to cover the estimated cost of $10,000 to make and distribute the documentary, and to bring in the psychologists who will contribute to this joint public education campaign. The Marriage Equality Task Force has already raised $4000 toward these endeavors. We also are fortunate to have the donated services of Dr. Todd Berntson, professional cinematographer, as well as our experienced Bi Cities crew.

We are asking you to contribute directly to the MPA Marriage Equality Task Force at http://tinyurl.com/7q29736 marriage equality task force because Bi Cities is not established as a legal entity to receive financial donations. Your contribution is not tax deductible as a charitable donation, but can be written off as an educational expense.

Thank you for helping to make Bi Cities a highly regarded show and for considering our request for our tenth anniversary public education campaign.

Marge Charmoli, Ph.D, LP, Bi Cities Producer
Anita L. Kozan, Ph.D.,CCC, Bi Cities Co-Producer

Initimate Partner Violence Documentary
The OutFront Minnesota Anti-Violence Program is seeking LGBT people to participate in a short documentary we're creating about intimate-partner violence (IPV) and LGBT relationships. In the United States there are only a handful of documentaries that address this subject, and only in a limited capacity. We are looking for LGBT survivors over the age of 18 who have experienced intimate partner violence, and who are willing to talk about this on camera. If you are outside of Minnesota, we still welcome your participation, but you must be able to film your story and send it in. (Please postmark any mailings by February 29th). Anyone who wishes to participate in the film and remain anonymous may do so. We recognize that discussing this can be a deeply personal and sometimes painful process. We encourage participants to do so only so far as it is an empowering process.

If you would like to get involved in this project or for more information, please contact Philip at philip@outfront.org or 612.822.0127, ext. 7659 .

Personal Focus: Intimate Partner Violence 

Intimate Partner Violence in Same-Sex Relationships

by Tamarah L Gehlen

The media does well to highlight the issues of dating violence and domestic violence as it pertains predominately to women and younger females – many of the examples of abusive relationships shown are Heterosexual relationships, and if the abuse scene is not portrayed in the PSA, slogans like “he said he wouldn’t do it again” are flashed on the screen; proclaiming that men are abusive – women are victims.

It is vital to send the message of intimate partner violence into our community and beyond. For those in our community – not all of us have had the support or courage necessary to fully reveal ourselves to our loved ones and acquaintances. Domestic and dating violence are isolating and often create feelings of shame in the victim. When you add the fact that we as a group have been discriminated against, and if we are not fully able to share our relationship with those around us, it increases the difficulties in seeking help and obtaining the support that is needed when intimate partner violence occurs.

full article at LGBT Therapists blog

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